The Bride service is paid in 3 times.


  When a bride asks me for my rates, I send her an email or I call her


directly to explain my way of proceeding for the conduct of the service (From 1st contact to D-Day) and for the payment of the service, namely, the payment in 3 times.


  1) Deposit for booking (non-refundable) paid by paypal directly on this site

and payment of the balance in 2 checks given on the day of the test, not to mention money on the day.

 2) the 1st check is cashed after the test

  3) the 2nd check is cashed after the day.


If the bride does not accept it, we are left with the simple request of estimate.




 From the moment I receive the deposit, I send an e-mail of good reception of the deposit by indicating the reservation of the day J of the mariee, the time slot defined by me and the various stages concerning it ... the bride knows therefore the progress of its service in its entirety, the reservation time slot, the payment of the service and accepts it by confirming it to me by e-mail.


 Then an exchange of mail is done between the bride and me, with sending photos ...... of the bride, possibly the future, photos of what she wants as a hairstyle etc ........ all which can make him happy to maximize his day.


 When I receive the deposit, I ask the bride is willing to make an appointment for the test, which lasts the necessary time for it to be satisfied.


 When the test is finished and the bride is happy (photos in support) and we have developed the details for the day D, I leave with 2 checks of the balance of the benefit, as expected.

 Only after the test, I cash the 1st check


 Then the day arrives, I do everything to satisfy my bride.

 Only after D-Day, I cash the 2nd check.


My D-Day arrival times are defined by me, by time *, depending on my work of the day, and this also applies to the Bridal Brigade including the makeup artist


Each one decides on his arrival times.

 This is my way of proceeding and does not differ from one bride to another.

Rates are free and each bride chooses the provider of their choice according to their budget.




 In case a bride decides to participate in a reality show about the dress, the hairstyle or any other wedding post, the day of her wedding ..... The benefit will be canceled.

I will refund the deposit in exchange for written proof with the production company.

Each person is free to choose,

the bride to participate in a show and me to refuse to participate

the 28th of April 2018





                                                       Nanoo Moovcoiffure34

 * Except for Package 4

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Coiffure...Maquillage Nanoo Moovcoiffure34
Coiffure...Maquillage Nanoo Moovcoiffure34
Coiffure...Maquillage Nanoo Moovcoiffure34
Coiffure...Nanoo Moovcoiffure34
Coiffure...Nanoo Moovcoiffure34